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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 2, 2014 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos from the web, we got 'em, "right this minute". >> a champion of paragliders and a new acrobatic chute but this test proved to be a failure. >> whoa! >> a whole bunch of their lines smacked under 6 gs of load. >> the race to get control of one tangled mess. >> blond versus brunette on the road but the claws come out when
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the brunette pulls -- >> pepper pray. >> the innocent victim of this catty fight. >> and a surprise flash mob. >> you're probably wondering why is everybody else dancing, too. >> hear how his dance moves inspired others to help get him to college. >> i would just get the biggest kick out of him and was so impressed. >> and see how this video goes from furry to freaky all with one quick poke. >> no way! >> time to go flying off the coast of turkey. to be specific, this is a very famous spot for paragliders because of the unique geography. you immediely see whyspot.
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it beautif it's beautiful. they're out there to test a new wing. they are test pilots. they're testing it for a tandem infinity loop to go round and round to see if it can handle two pilot. these two guys are champion paragliders. and snap is right. that's exactly what happens to the line in this canopy. in the middle of their third set of rotation -- >> oh! >> oh, no! >> a whole bunch of their lines. the a, b and c upper gallery lines snap under 6 gs of load. they went into an immediate free fall. up see the reserve chute deploy. but they started to real line of
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canopy. >> good thing there were two of them up there. it too much work for one guy. >> this happened in 2010. the video just released. >> this video has made me dizzy and panicky and i can't breathe now and like stressed out. >> looks like your average day on cctv in russia. keep your eyes right here. the solar vehicle decides i'm going to cross over both of those solid lines and just cut all these people off naturally. people aren't too stobd about that. this lady gets out of her car and starts getting into an accident with another woman here. the woman with the black hair came from the silver vehicle and she's going to be in a fight with the woman with blond hair. she has her -- she has something in her hand.
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you see that? that's apparently pepper spray. want to know something worse? there's a child in this vehicle. >> she's out of her mind. she has the gall to cut across traffic and get out and beat up the driver she cut off. >> what happens after she sprays? >> she's pretty shaken up. the kid in the car shaken up as well. >> she got it all over here, it all in her hair, it naul her face. >> you can see the orange coloring of the pepper spray in her hair. she goes and bangs on her window and then it looks like the woman goes into the back seat. i believe that's where the child is. you see her grab something, try to attend to the child in the back seat. both suffered minor injuries. the camera adjusts and up see the silver car right here pulling away. >> it so aggressive. how do you do that on the middle of the street when you're the one causing the problem. >> hopefully they can catch this woman because this is an
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assault. >> it's a potentially deadly weapon. if you got a reaction to pepper spray, you could die. >> love, love, love, love, love this story. you see this video, you see a group of awesome ladies and some gentlemen charging toward what looks like one of those guys who dances through the street with a sign. >> a sign artist. >> this flash mob is all for that sign artist, known as the beach dancing man. cody kruters dances five days a week on that street corner. he was inspiring others to be positive, inspiring others to just enjoy life and in fact had a profound effect on three different women, lisa connolly, daniel and susan. lisa and danielle started a facebook page in honor of the beach mont dancing man susan
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decided to work with them and decided to organize the flash mob. cody had decided to go to college but in the fall couldn't afford to go. here comes support from all of those people supporting cody. >> i was having a really rough day and he was just dancing and it made me smile. >> now he's headed to ohio state university for the spring semester! >> not the first person to dance for a college education but done in a very tasteful way. i like cody's approach. >> we have cody and susan via skype. welcome to the show, you guys. >> hi, happy to be here. >> yeah. >> cody, is this shocking to you? >> completely shocking. i had no idea i was having that kind of impact. i had never met such genuine people.
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>> there a lot of people that dance with signs on the street. what sets you apart? >> i think it's my attitude. i want to show not don't i have a small work ethic but maybe also to brighten someone's day. >> usae susan, you're shaking head. >> yeah. we had over a hundred people show up because they so appreciated him and he made their day also. >> did you pick up any moves, cody? >> do you think we could see some of your awesome moves that are so inspiring to so many people? >> sure. >> oh, yeah, he's grooving. >> there he is. >> it's the time of the season to get skating and sliding, just not like this hopefully. this is on a freeway in minnesota. >> oh, boy. >> very icy.
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traffic is moving at a pretty solid pace, you want to be extra careful. at some point the driver of this car, he doesn't seem to be driving terribly aggressively. before you know it, changes lanes, misses of car -- >> recovers. >> recovers and keeps going. >> in is minnesota. it's super cold there. >> this driver recovered amazingly well. >> that's crazy. >> i planned that, that's what you say. >> my windshield was frozen oaf in the back. i just wanted to see what was behind me. >> right. has found a beautiful stretch, beautiful slope, fresh snow. up can see everything is just beautiful. >> he gets through it just fine and then begins to snowboard down the mountain. >> oh, boy. >> but he keeps stopping and jamming his board into the snow. >> yes, which creates just
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enough action to cause an avalanche right behind him. >> but he got out of the way. >> he got out of the way and all the snow that was rushing behind him misses him completely. >> wow, that's a lucky break for him. i bet he was quite relieved. >> but he bailed out in time. he p he made it. >> he got a good video of the actual avalanche. looks like a waterfall. >> it pretty rad. >> crews from up above set out to help -- >> an injured climber down below. >> and baby's got a new ride. >> it's perfect, like a little personal driver for the baby. it like a chauffeur, chauffeur roomba.
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ready, ready to go, good power. >> rescue deputy going out the side of a helicopter in arizona, getting lowered to help an injured climber down below. the climber had injuries to his upper left thigh, ankle and pelvic area. the guy was in a very remote area. so this is really the only effective way to get this guy to safety. it cool because you can hear the other sheriff who is operating the hoist step by step describe what's happening.
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>> three, two, one. there's the ground. >> you can also see the digital readout on his hand control there. you have rescuers about 45 feet below the helicopter. gives the guy an idea of how much line they're putting out. >> injured climber already put into a rescue basket and wrapped up. he's been stabilized by a ground crew. now hooked up to the hoist, reeled in, guy's okay at the end, gives a big ol' thumbs up. >> i like that they put goggles on him, too. >> all the dust kicked up and the just the wind from the helicopter. >> at the beginning of 2013, i told you about a guy alex sheen. he started a nonprofit "because i said i would," his father died of cancer in 2012.
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>> as i was writing his eulogy, i tried to reflect on my father's life. >> what my father did do it keep his promises, particularly to me and my brother, ray. >> the one way he could honor his father was to keep his word. >> he taught us to be true to our word and keep our promises and that's why i started "because i said i would." >> he wrote down 352 promises and drew a card a week at random and kept that promise. >> i will teach my grandma how to skype. >> don't show a picture, please. >> i have to show the picture, i'm sorry. >> no, no. >> but together, those 52, they changed me. >> you can't help but be moved watching him keep his promises. >> i will give blood for the
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first time. >> they're simple little things that are getting something done. >> he did accomplish all 52 goals, 52 one-week promises that he kept in the year 2013. because i said i could is a full nonprofit organization. they are executing charitable projects. not only was he doing it for himself, he was doing itor the world ar >> seven days, i walked 175 miles. this is part of a promise i made to three women who were held captive. >> he's done incredible work in 2013. now in 2014, you can get because i said i would promise cards and make your own promises to yourself. >> a roomba a great way to keep the floor clean and also a very expensive toy for your baby. this precious baby has been placed on top of the roomba but
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it moves around the room. >> roomba has a behind of its own. that's cool, i like this. >> i'm blown away the roomba can hold the weight of the baby, the breaking ball only 10, 12 pounds but it's still moving around without a problem. that's got to be pretty awesome for the baby. >> it's amazing the baby can stay up without falling back. >> it's like the baby chauffeur. >> chauffeur roomba. >> that's awesome. >> he became a viral video sensation after eating a carolina pepper. now hear what he has to say after the pepper was officially named the hottest in the world. >> it was just total pain and
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agony to eat the damn thing. >> and now a public marria ge
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>> wait back in 2011 this video surfaced. marshall terry, a new reporter in new york was down in south carolina tasting a carolina
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reefer, a pepper from ed curry. this video viral got hundreds of thousands of views. you'll remember marshall terry could not handle the pepper. first vomiting, then in pain, then rolling around the floor acting as if he were high on drugs. now i think he has been vindicated. back on 2011, marshall terry ate the world's hottest pepper. this pepper has officially been called the world's hottest pepper by the guinness book of world records. >> so he's justified in his reaction. >> one of the peppers they tested, 2.2 million peppers. >> what is the ghost pepper? that we've known to be the
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hottest. >> it has just over a million skogle units. it's double. >> now that he's eaten that, is he eating other peppers? >> we can find out. we have him via skype. do you feel vindicated you've eaten the hospitalest pepper and you've survived? >> yeah, after surviving ridicule from friends and family. >> what was it like after? >> immediately after i felt woozy, i felt like i was drunk. the day after, i didn't go to work but i felt fine. >> can you eat spicy food now? are you like everything sells nothing now? >> i love spicy food. we're talking about the atomic level. i don't know how people eat these things, i really don't.
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it just total pain and agony to eat the damn thing so -- >> oh, god. >> you may be somebody who loves public proposals. i say you and you. you may be somebody who hates public proposals. i'd say that's nick. either way, you'll like this. now, she doesn't like engagement season, she said it's b.s. she has three different guys propose to her 22 different times and as publicly and obnoxiously as possible all through new york city. her plan -- to pissstrangers. here they are all over 34th station, a packed train station, railed yof city music hall, times square. she's like i did this to make people mad but nobody got mad at all. >>. [ cheers ]
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. >> yes, i'll marry you, yes, i'll marry you! >> this group of strangers are screaming in the middle of traffic for this girl who just gottin gauged. sew you can see everybody loves it. the funny thing is she does this and she's convincing. >> no. i don't know why you did this in front of people. why did do you this in [ bleep ] public? now i feel like a [ bleep ]. now i'm like a [ bleep ] villain. >> everybody starts turning around. >> will you marry me? >> she's so excited she's about to witness this proposal. >> oh, man! >> drink in the face. right in front of all these people. oh, my goodness. >> i this this video proves that people in general are really, really nice and really happy r
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for. >> what in the world could that be? >> oh! no way! >> coming up, a video that teaches an important life lesson. >> if you see a mustache on the ground, don't poke it!
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apex predator of the sea, the giant travoli usually dines on -- this time it enjoying this delicacy. that giant king fish just took a pretty solid bite off that gopro. >> he tried to eat the camera? >> he tried to eat the camera. it really caused damage to the case. as you can see here, look at that big sketch. >> imagine what they can do to fish. >> or your toe. what it can do to a toe. >> that thing was mad.
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that camera was in the water for like a second and it was like no thanks. >> i'm sure now with all of these gopro cameras that are everywhere. i feel like the fish feel like it's the paparazzi. cameras all around and they just want a moment of privacy to eat in peace. >> get ready to get creeped out and grossed out all at the same time. this guy is approaching what he believes to be a clump of hair. kind of looks like pubic hair. he even says that, i believe in spanish. but it's not hair at all. watch what happens when he pokes it. >> oh! no way! >> it's a spider? >> no! >> it's a daddy long legs. >> it's like a spider nest.
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i don't know what it's on. >> and then they spread all over this thing in no time. >> aarachnophobia big time. >> how many do you think were there? >> thousands and thousands. >> the moral of the story, if you see a mustache on the ground, don't poke it. >> if it's somewhere else, poke away. but if it's on the ground, don't poke it. >> that's going to do it for us here at rtm. we'll see you next time.
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>> my sobriety cost me nothing less than everything. >> today on "dr. oz" steven tyler from rock legend to rock bottom and back. >> you know who the new dealers are? they're doctors. dr. oz: when did you realize you needed help? >> and, unplugged and uncensored. >> my lips were born first and i grew on to them. goes undercover as a woman? >> don't want to miss a thing. >> really, doc? >> next. [cheers and applause] dr. oz: i appreciate it. i'm giddy about the superstar who is here today. his amazing voice and rocking music helped me through many long shifts at the hospital and


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